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The Full Story

About Us

Around the Hearth was an idea brought on by two working women.  We had the heart and the drive to bring our dream into fruition. In the beginning, however, we asked ourselves, "Really, what can one licensed therapist and one accountant with an MBA do to make it real?"  

Answer:  SO MUCH!

We saw a need to bring such services, especially after seeing the aftermath that COVID brought on. Surrounding households experience anxiety due to isolation and fears of layoffs. Normal routine amongst children and students have been significantly disrupted. During such challenging times, it has become evident that there is more need than ever to provide a platform for individuals who need to understand the journey they are/were in. 





Around the Hearth LLC is a boutique private practice providing counseling and therapy services to individuals, families, and children. We include a wide variety of specialties, including, but not limited to, mental health, marriage and couple's counseling, and applied behavioral health services to children and families. Our motto is to be “compassionate, client directed and supportive.” This is embedded in all our work. We have experts who work tirelessly with families who are struggling with a child on the autism spectrum or who are displaying behavioral difficulties. We focus on providing intimate, quality time for each client at the comfort of their own home or at our site. Wherever our clients feel comfortable, such as cozying Around the Hearth, that is their time and place to reflect, to speak their innermost hopes or challenges, and to find their own strength to resume living their lives. Through the utilization of evidence-based practices, we seek to assist in the prevention, recovery and cure of the mental health issues affecting our clients

Where did the name come from?

Mental health, behavioral health, and therapy of all kinds are delicate and sensitive to people overwhelmed with feelings they don't understand, paths they don't know why they took, emotions and actions they don't fully comprehend.  We wanted a name that gives it a sense of kindred spirit, of not just hoping for hope but a place for clients to, after a long journey with life, rest their mind, body and soul with a familiarity of comfort and warmth of "home". And the Hearth is the centerpiece of each individual's intangible attachment to their idea of..."home". 

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