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What sets us apart from our competition?   

  •  It’s about providing Supportive, Compassionate, and Client-Centered Services 
    • Each of our founders have specific specialties that allows us to be client-focused. As a small practice, our approach is more client centered as opposed to huger institutions. However, we have the ability to provide more services and dedicated attention vs. small, independent practices.​

    • How?  See our next bullet point...

  • Compartmentalization
    • The Business Operations & Administration department handles all accounting, financial, marketing, funding and hiring platforms.

    • The Therapy & Clinical departments are dedicated to, and only to, our clients and patients. Due to this freedom to fully concentrate on those who seek our services, our therapist(s) provides continuous and un-distracted time in sessions and focus on notes and treatment plans.

  • Most practices offer ABA or therapeutic/counseling services
    • We are in a position to offer both in one area, making it more accessible for (working) families and individuals. As our practice grows, we will also further offer diagnostic services and offer group and center based services

  • Session Access

We can work around your preference:

  • In person at our site

  • via Telehealth

  • Most importantly is where you feel at home when you share your life with us.

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